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Users agree not to use the website or their services and contents in any manner contrary to that established by current law. Visit Barcelona Bilbao reserves the right to withdraw access to this website, without the need for prior notice, by any User in breach of that established in these General Conditions of Use.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Use at any time, as well as any other general or specific conditions, regulations for use or notices that may be applicable. It also reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and location of the website, as well as the contents and conditions required for their use at any time.


RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. provides clear, tourism products and services to Customers, their characteristics and information on the company itself. can include links to other sites not managed by RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. These links are from other sources of information and their inclusion does not imply any type of recommendation, invitation or suggestion to visit the target sites. Therefore, RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. rejects all liability arising from access to the sites of others.


Users acknowledge and accept that all the copyrights and patent rights on the contents and any other elements inserted in the website belong to RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. or to its licensees, except that indicated in the previous section with regards to hyperlinks.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. is the owner of the elements integrating the graphic design of its website, the menus, browser buttons, HTML code, texts, images, textures, graphics and any other contents of the website or, in any case, has the corresponding authorisation to use these elements.

Therefore, Users are only authorised to view all the material and contents of this website as it is presented and to download a copy of the material to just one PC for their own personal and private use and never for commercial purposes, provided that Users comply with all copyright and patent right regulations.

It is also forbidden to suppress, evade or manipulate the copyright and other details identifying the rights of and the technical protection devices or any mechanism of information that may include the contents.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. authorises the establishing of links between other websites and its own, provided that the following conditions are met:

The link is not established from a website including contents that are illegal, immoral or in breach of public order, no image of RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. or its products is given that may be distorted, damaging or wrong,

the impression is not given that there is an inexistent commercial relationship or link between RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. and the owners of, those responsible for or the advertisers from which the link is created when this is not the case, the impression is not given that the contents or website of RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. belong to or have been designed by the owners of, those responsible for or advertisers of the website from which the link is established.


The conditions for accessing and using this website are strictly governed by current law and by the principle of good faith, Users agreeing to use the website and the services offered correctly.

All actions violating the legality, rights and interests of others are forbidden, which expressly includes:

Actions that may cause some kind of damage to the RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. systems or those of others on or through the website and any other medium

Advertising or commercial information sent directly or in a disguised manner, spam (sending of mass e-mails) or the sending of large messages in order to block the network services.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. can assume no kind of liability for the incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information appearing on the RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. website.


In compliance with that established in sect. 10 of the Information Society and e-Commerce Services Act 34/2002, RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. provides permanent, easy, direct and free electronic access to the information relating to its business, tax details, registry details, registered offices and communications address through its website.


RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. complies with the current regulations established in the Data Protection Act 15/1999 and other legislation implementing it.

It is previously stated that, to access certain information and contents, Users must first register as such, accepting the processing of their person details for inclusion in our files in the manner established therein, in line with the Data Protection Act.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. agrees to cancel the personal details no longer necessary or appropriate for the purpose for which they were included through the form enabled for this means and to deal with any requests for information from Users, RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. being responsible for this processing.

Users are also informed of the use of cookies to obtain information and perform statistical analyses on the use of our website. The cookies used by RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. are anonymous and do not refer to the personal details of the User, nor can data from the User’s hard drive be accessed through them. User identity is never inserted directly in the cookie and, therefore, prevents their identification.

The protocol used involves a status-free protocol, which means that there are no means of relating information concerning one request to another previous or subsequent request. This protocol is unaware of the person sending a page or the number of pages to have been sent, even where a connection has been made only a few seconds beforehand, as each page request is processed independently.


RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. rejects all liability in the event of access or visits to its website being impossible or hindered due to an interruption in or defective provision of the electricity or telephone supply or that of other telecommunications providers not attributable to RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. or in the event of social conflicts or other events of force majeur or any action by a third party, including summons or administrative or legal orders, sabotage or saturation, whether these be intentional or otherwise.

All liability is also rejected arising from the damages and prejudicial consequences suffered by visitors to their computer or telematic means as a result of any of the aforementioned circumstances.

RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the website, nor is it liable for any damages or prejudicial consequences arising or that may arise in the future and for any technical defects of any nature arising from the use of the information and matters contained on the website.

Within the limits established by law, RUTAS SINGULARES, S.L. assumes no liability from the lack of updating or precision of the data or information contained on its website.