Bird Watching Experiences

BWE is a division of the company Rutas Singulares, S.L. (B-65975.542), company focused on providing guidance and other complementary services related with the bird watching. We operate in different places, but especially in Osona, Pyrenees, Cap de Creus, Emporda – Aiguamolls and Delta de l’Ebre (Catalonia) and Monegros (Aragon), within of the territory of Spain.

We offer itineraries and guided routes as a base service. But we also organize trips for groups and individuals. All targeted and thought for people that feel fascination and motivation in observing, taking photographs and/or filming birds. Without a degree of knowledge distinction: from the most veteran to the beginners that are entering in this fascinated world.

Our goal is to satisfy the wish and the inherent motivations on the terrain of the observation of birds, in the active practice. And at the same time to see the species of each territory: the resident and the migratory.

Our team

It is formed by expert ornithologists, impassioned and devoted to the world of the birding and of the nature in general. People with the experience, knowledge and big travellers around the world, with the capacity to guide other ornithologists with the search of the birds wished and to the places that few people know!

Pere Baucells 

He began his activity as an ornithologist around the 80’s years. At first, he collaborated in campaigns of bird banding in Osona and in to other zones of Catalonia, such as the Natural Park of the Delta Ebra with the Group of Anellament of Calldetenes.

When he was 17 years old, he did the first birding trip, to the Islands Shetland, visiting the Fair Isle Bird Observatory and Fettler Isle. Also he has visited Iceland (Myvatn, Flatey Isle), the The Netherlands (Zwin), France (the Camargue), Greece (Lesbos and the Dadia Forest as a main places ), Australia, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Islands Seychelles, visiting to the Cousin Island, where the RSPB brings the project of protection of the Seychelles Magpie Steal, between other endemically birds of the zone. Also he has practised the birding in Extremadura, the National Park of Doñana, Cabo de Gata, Lagunas de Gallocanta, amount others.

He has collaborated in a selfless way to many projects focused on the birds from his natal land, Osona (Barcelona).

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Jordi Faus

Born in Barcelona, he is an impassioned of the nature in general. At the early age of 10 years Jordi begins his introduction in ornithology. At first he showed a much highlighted interest in the forest birds and the Pyrenean fauna in general. He has realised numerous ornithologists trips (Patagonia, China, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, Poland, mainly).

He worked during four years in the Forest Technological Centre of Catalonia (CTFC) where he realised different projects of study and conservation of forest birds. It was during these years when he specialised in the study, follow-up and conservation of the lesser (lesser spotted woodpecker and middle spotted woodpecker) and also in the follow-up of the gallinaceous like the capercaillie, the ptarmigan and gray partridge.

Since 2008, he is technical on fauna in the East Catalan Pyrenees, where he coordinates the follow-up of all these species and others like the lammergeyer, the Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle and different species of mammals. Besides, he is a specialist in orchids and animal rake and nowadays coordinates a project to study the wild cat in the Catalonia central area. He has taken part also in the writing of different books about birds in Catalonia.

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Marga Tubau 

Graduate in Tourism and European graduate in Hotel Management (EURODIP), by the Tourism College of Sant Ignasi – ESADE (1994-1997).

With a long background and experience in the hospitality industry as in the field of management and development she was very familiar to the implementation of the SICTEC and ISO 9001 quality certificates.

She is co-founder and partner of Visit Barcelona Bilbao ( a trademark of incoming tourism and travel services operated and coordinated by a full legally registered travel agency.


marga tubau

Pau Morata

Graduate in Geography (UB, 1974) and in Information Science (UAB, 1976) with education and specialization in Marketing and Communications.

After having played senior management and executive positions in different companies in 2000 he founded Iconotur ( and Comunicono ( and since then he is working in advice (, teaching in business schools and doing communication. He has professional experience in more than thirty countries on five continents.

pau morata

Anna Vilanova

Graduate in Geography (UB, 2007) and Master in Management and Planning of Tourist Destinations (UAB, 2008) and actually studying a Graduate Business Management and Marketing (EAE).

Her career has always been linked to the territory and tourism from different public administrations like Osona Tourism (Consell Comarcal d’Osona), Rupit, Vilanova de Sau and Vidrà.

Actually, also dedicates her professional career to the revitalization of small comercial businesses and the tourism promotion in Catalonia.

anna vilanova